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Hyly Moss is an industry veteran with over a decade of experience in the repair business. His passion for electronics has led him to form multiple enterprises and create training courses to help educate repair technicians. As the owner of mTech, Hyly leads a successful repair business, while also offering premium training and running a YouTube channel.


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Microsoldering Training

Masterclass Dates: March 26th – 29th, 2023
The micro-soldering course is customized to help repair professionals get hands-on practice to learn and expand their internal board and micro-soldering repairs.

mTech course assets are industry leading tools, certified and experienced trainers, and heavily researched yet simple-to-learn material. You will receive practical examples and instructions from industry-leading professionals. These trainers have over a decade of experience running profitable board-level repair stores. We will provide complete workstations with a microscope and other required tools.


  • Core technical skills, including board design and soldering
  • The function of Multimeter 101 and the failure of each sort of component
  • Practical troubleshooting to pinpoint issues and distinguish between repairable and irreparable parts
  • Troubleshooting DC power supply and current patterns for phones that won’t switch on at all
  • Open-ended troubleshooting from the schematics, detecting short circuits, closing open circuits, and water damage
  • Issues with the split board, the top board’s solder lug pads, data recovery using the iSocket, and bottom board replacement issues
  • How to handle typical issues like torn pads and problematic joints
  • How the charging system functions and how to fix charging issues with any device
  • Tristar replacement chip
  • How to read and comprehend schematics
  • Overview of the often-used circuits on MacBooks, iPhones, and iPads
  • How to become a diagnostics expert on iPhones and iPads

This course is customized to cater to the interests of all students. It will also include iPhone data recovery plus open lab guided practice on the two additional weekend days.


Why should you pick this course?

After this course, you will acquire the industry’s best knowledge and experience with the best tools. It will help you grow your repair business fast. Also, as a repair professional, you should know how to perform real-world board repairs.

Reasons are:

This course teaches effective board repair so that you can start performing reliable board repairs. We will teach you to use your intellect to identify and fix the bulk of the common issues that will pass through you regularly.

Our instructors have more than a decade of performing diagnostics and repairs that makes your learning experience smooth. The goal of mTech is to disseminate reliable knowledge and best practices. Also, there is no substitute for studying repair professionals who have already worked on thousands of board repairs.

Practice with the best tools available. We use reliable and well-designed repair tools that are essential for board repair. Excellent all-in-one stations and imported equipment makes learning more simpler than inexpensive ones. Our trainer’s experience with modern repair equipment justifies the $2000 pricing because you will get hands-on experience with the customized workstation.


Where is the course located?

You will be learning this course on the beautiful east side of Nassau, the capital of The Bahamas. mTech location is Prince Charles Drive, Leevans Plaza (upstairs), Nassau, Bahamas.

How much is it?

Course tuition is $2000. We do not offer group discounts and also limit class size to be able to provide personal guidance. If you have a group of 5 or more, feel free to contact us about setting up a personalized course for your group.

Is this course right for me?

This course is primarily for anyone with a strong background in general mobile device repair. You will already be familiar with device disassembly/reassembly. You may have already tried soldering, but this is not required. You do not need any experience with schematics or board-level component replacement. 

Is this course available online?

No. There is already a ton of online content published on YouTube– have at it! This course is hands-on training where we watch you soldering on our equipment in real-time, and our trainer is there to physically help you overcome obstacles and develop the art of troubleshooting and board repair on your way. You will stop us and interject your questions in real time. We will watch you soldering and troubleshooting and pinpoint what you need to do to become successful. There is no digital substitute for this personal guidance.

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