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5 Must-Do Activities in Nassau, Bahamas

Are you looking for activities in Nassau, Bahamas? The Bahamas’ capital is well known as a cruise liner port, but it offers much more than just access to pink sand beaches and blue oceans. Here are our top picks for why you should cross it off your bucket list!


As a repair store owner, I interact with hundreds of foreigners who visit our beautiful country. They always appreciate the beauty and delights of this wonderful island together.

They like Cable Beach and adore the Bahamas’ Abaco and Exuma chains.

  1. Go to a beach

Cable Beach.

One of the island’s most well-known beaches, Cable Beach, offers a range of attractions and activities. (Image courtesy of Sharon Matthews-Stevens)

You won’t have any trouble finding beaches in Nassau. One of the things to do in Nassau is to spend the afternoons relaxing on expanses of alabaster sand.

The reason Cable Beach is a good place in Nassau. The island’s top hotels are along this four-kilometer length of sun, sea, and fun on New Providence’s north shore, west of the city.

From parasailing to water skiing, Cabbage Beach on Paradise Island offers activities expected from any beach worth it’s salt. The best part is that it’s close to a few eateries and simple to get to from central Nassau.

Visit the snorkeling beach at Clifton Heritage National Park on Nassau’s western coast if you want to go diving. The unusual, though strange, Underwater Sculpture Garden is part of a shore-based snorkeling excursion with a guide.


  1. Immerse Yourself in History

The Queen Victoria Statue in the Bahamas’ Nassau.

You don’t need to leave downtown when you visit Nassau to get a history lesson. (Image courtesy of Sharon Matthews-Stevens)

You can also immerse yourself in history at this location after swimming in the seas off Clifton Heritage National Park.

The 200-acre location enables visitors to discover the remnants of a community once inhabited by slaves, as a Great House from the seventeenth century. Be sure to visit the Da’ Story Telling Area, where dressed-up interpreters will narrate tales of the island’s history.

Then you can reflect on your recent interactions at the Sacred Space, a monument to Bahamian culture perched on a cliff.

Take a historical walking tour through Parliament Square in downtown Nassau if you prefer a dip to an immersion (or you’ve just gotten off a cruise liner and have little time).

You can’t miss the bubble gum pink neo-colonial structures that make up the government building, in addition to various other works of art of colonial architecture. Visit the Courthouse, the Senate, and the House of Assembly before relaxing in the shade of soaring royal palms in the neighborhood park.


  1. Visit the Junkanoo 

At the Junkanoo Museum, colorful shoes.

It’s entertaining and educational to visit the Junkanoo Museum and Resource Centre. (Image courtesy of Sharon Matthews-Stevens)

Hopetown in the Abacos is in Junkanoo in The Bahamas. At one in the morning on January 1st, dancing people dressed in bird of paradise-inspired costumes burst into the darkness with music.

The Junkanoo Museum and Resource Centre, one of the top things to do in Nassau, is a must-see in New Providence.

Visit the event to view the costumes, learn about the Junkanoo celebration, and even practice playing patterns on the large Goombay drum while sipping the ‘Goombay Smash’ beverage.

Uncertain of the significance of this tradition? The local brew’s “Kalik” name is an homage to the cowbell sound that permeates every Junkanoo band.

You should add this intriguing museum to your list of things to do in the Bahamas if you can’t make it for Junkanoo, the Bahamian equivalent of Carnival.


  1. Take a Boat Ride

Exuma’s Leaf Cay is a great place to go boating.

Leaf Cay in the Exuma’s is a must-see on every boat trip in the Bahamas. (Image courtesy of Sharon Matthews-Stevens)

Nassau is an island, and it should be best to include a boat ride on your list of things to do.

Booking one of these excursions from Nassau could become the highlight of your trip. There will be speedboat transportation for day trips to the nearby Exuma islands.

Your boat pulls up to the beach on a picture-perfect island called Leaf Cay, where you may feed the iguanas. It is a distinctive, albeit unsettling, experience.

Continue southward and increase your adrenaline level. To enjoy swimming with some odd company, head to Compass Cay (or maybe just the Exuma Islands Land and Sea Park).

A group of nurse sharks once surrounded me when I jumped off a boat and played in the emerald waters.

I keep picturing the shark scene from “Jaws” over and again. Time for a Kalik lager, perhaps.

If you want to book a tour get in touch with Wild Willys Water Sports And Tours.



  1. Visit Charlotte or Fort Fincastle (or both)

Fort Fincastle has stone walls.

Standing watch at Fort Fincastle for Nassau. (Image courtesy of Sharon Matthews-Stevens)

A trip to one or both island forts must be on your list of things to do in Nassau to learn more about the region’s history.

The steamboat-shaped bastion atop Bennett’s Hill close to the Queen’s Staircase is not now accessible to the general public, but a trip to Fort Fincastle will persuade you of its strategic importance. It provides a broad perspective of Nassau Harbour.

You can explore Fort Charlotte further west. This redoubt has a moat, dungeons, tunnels beneath it, and 42 guns.

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