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iPhone 12 Having Sound Issues? What To Do?

A small number of iPhone 12s with defective speakers were sold, according to Apple. To check if you purchased one of these phones, contact your local Apple store or use the mail-in option to return your smartphone to Apple.

The speaker was operating perfectly before it suddenly stopped. It could be due to a glitch or malfunction. Try rebooting manually and switching to recovery mode.

I used to own an iPhone 12 now I have an iPhone 13. Although I confirmed with Apple that it wasn’t one of the faulty products offered, I occasionally had loudness issues. All the advice and techniques are covered below.

Let’s divulge into the issues:

How Can I Fix My iPhone 12’s Sound?

There are numerous fixes, some of which include:


iPhone 12 Having Sound Issues? What To Do?

Solution 1: Get in touch with mTech

If you’re unsure whether you have one of the faulty iPhone 12s, stop by at mTech.

You might only be dealing with hardware damage rather than a manufacturing issue. Most likely, you knocked or dropped your phone unintentionally.

Solution 2: Take Off Your Phone Case

Although thick iPhone cases are fantastic for protection, if they cover your speaker, it may result in audio problems.

Play your favorite song, remove your case, and check if the problem persists.


Solution 3: Block Buttons for Change

Try deactivating the change with buttons. When activated, the feature may cause interference with ringer volume. However, be aware that your volume levels will now be locked.

What you should do:

  • On the home screen, launch the Settings app.
  • Choose Sounds and Haptics
  • Switch Change With Buttons off


Solution 4: Turn off Bluetooth

First, check if Bluetooth is on or not. You may have a Bluetooth connection with another device for sending audio to it.

You might be dealing with the problem of transmitting your audio to a phantom device even without being connected to a Bluetooth device.

For a repair, turn off Bluetooth:

  • To access the Control Centre, swipe downward
  • Hit the Bluetooth icon.


Alternatives include:

Select Bluetooth under Settings.

If it’s green, turn it off.


Solution 5: Disconnect from AirPlay Mirroring

There’s a possibility that what you’re playing is being broadcast to an AirPlay device if it’s nearby. You might be dealing with a bug that created this connection by accident.

How to undo this and fix iPhone 12 is as follows:

  • Access the Control Centre, swipe downward
  • Find the AirPlay icon (if something is currently linked, its name will appear).
  • To make a function inoperable, tap the AirPlay icon.


Solution 6: Test Your Volume

There may not be any hideous bugs, errors, or glitches. It might only be having your iPhone set to a low volume. Try pressing the Up button to see if anything changes.

You can also try this technique:

  • Launch the Settings program.
  • Check out Sounds & Haptics
  • Ringer & Alerts slider should be to the right.

Alternatively, you might have unintentionally turned on Silent. Your iPhone 12 has a tiny silent on/off button on the side that you may have to press to mute. Unmute your phone from there.


Solution 7: Clean Your Lightning Port

Is the air in your area particularly dusty? Your lightning port may have acquired lint, dust, or both. It’s possible that your iPhone mistakenly activated headphone mode by mistaking the dust and particles for a headset.

Here’s how to determine whether your device is in headphone mode:

  • Decrypt your iPhone
  • Select a volume button and press it.
  • If the mode is activated, you will notice a sound symbol with a headphone next to it. All left to do is use a pin to clean your lightning port.


Solution 8: Force restart

You might be dealing with a bug. You can force a restart to fix issues.

Depending on your iPhone model, you may need to force a restart.

How to use Face ID on an iPhone, including the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro, is as follows:

  • Release the Volume Up Button after pressing it.
  • Release the Volume Down button after pressing it.
  • Retaining the power button
  • Release your grip once you see the Apple logo on your iPhone’s display.

No, there won’t be any data loss, in case you were wondering. Your device’s processes and applications would all just shut down instantly.


Solution 9: Switch to Recovery Mode

If a persistent bug or fault is causing the problem, you’ll benefit from going into recovery mode. Just be aware of losing all of your data. Therefore, create a backup beforehand using iTunes or iCloud.

What you should do is:

  • Activate iTunes on your PC.
  • Turn off phone
  • Link your iPhone 12 to your Mac or Windows computer with a USB or lightning cord.
  • Close all other programs because they might interfere with the restoration procedure.
  • Press and then let go of the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons. Hold the Side button down until the recovery screen shows.
  • On iTunes, a Restore or Update prompt will appear.
  • Select “Restore”
  • Wait until everything gets completed before disconnecting. Otherwise, you can experience a reboot loop or some unpleasant issues.


Solution 10: Switch to DFU Mode

If the problem persists, you’re likely dealing with a serious software issue. DFU mode is similar to recovery mode, and it offers more features. It can find and correct a lot more faults.

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