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Problems with the iPhone 14: 5 Things You Should Know

Users of the Apple iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max are experiencing various problems. While some of these issues are true bugs, others stem from users needing time to adjust to iOS 16 and their new phones.

Users of the iPhone 14 are dissatisfied with some difficulties, including Bluetooth, Face ID, Wi-Fi, performance, and a host of others.

The most frequent issues with the iPhone 14 are listed here, along with some possible solutions, resources for providing performance feedback on the device, and an overview of what iOS 16 has in store for these models.

This list of issues with the iPhone 14 will expand. Apple will likely release software upgrades to address some of these initial flaws, but as more people use their new phones, additional problems arise.

iPhone 14 issues

Every time we turn around, we read about activation troubles with the iPhone 14. New iPhone activation problems are nothing new, so this is not shocking.

Check Apple’s System Status page to see if your new iPhone 14 can be activated. Wait until the iOS Device Activation icon turns green.

In addition to these, we’re hearing reports of problems with both first- and third-party apps, various camera issues, excessive battery usage, sporadic reboots while charging, Face ID issues, the dreaded “black screen of death,” Exchange issues, Wi-Fi issues, CarPlay issues, UI lag, iCloud issues, Bluetooth issues, data transfer issues, sound issues, and login issues.

Additionally, there are cellular data difficulties with 5G/LTE. Cellular connectivity is abruptly dropping for certain users while they are in motion. Others are dissatisfied with 5G’s speed.

Performance of the iPhone 14

You should keep an eye on user reviews if you’re considering purchasing an iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, or iPhone 14 Pro Max or if you already have one. Be aware of any potential problems with Apple’s hardware and software via this input.

For ongoing commentary about Apple’s flagship phones, we advise you to view YouTube, Apple’s discussion forums, social media platforms like Twitter, and websites like the MacRumors forums.

If you’re debating whether to install the most recent version of iOS 16, look at our list of the top reasons to do so and reasons not to.

Here are the iOS 16.5 release notes.

The improvements and problem fixes in this update are as follows:


  • A new Pride Celebration lock screen wallpaper to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community and its culture. 
  • The Sports tab in Apple News makes it simple to obtain news, stats, and other information for the teams and leagues you follow.
  • Apple News’s My Sports score and schedule cards lead you to game sites for more specifics about individual matches.
  • Resolves a problem that could cause Spotlight to stop working.
  • Fixes a problem where material for podcasts in CarPlay might not load.
  • Resolves a problem of screen time settings when it fails to sync across all devices.


Some functions might not be accessible in all countries.

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