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Smartphone Speaker Cleaning Tips By Phone Repair Experts

If your phone’s speaker isn’t producing the same level of sound it did when it was new; it’s time to clean it. Constant use will eventually cause the speaker’s surface to become permanently grimy. If the dust isn’t cleaned regularly, it can become caked on and permeable to the surface. As a result, the speakers cannot perform to their full potential.

Cell Phone repair store experts advise that although the rest of your phone is simple to clean, the speaker region requires special attention because it is a more sensitive component. Dust and debris will not be able to settle within the speaker grill if you keep it clean.

As a result, cleaning your phone should become a regular part of your routine. Pay special attention to the speakers when cleaning your smartphone. You can improve the sound quality of your phone by keeping the speakers clean and free of debris. Check out this guide compiled by Moss Tech 242 professionals.

Smartphone speaker cleaning tips

Duct Tape

Also Known As One of the many applications for sticky tape is cleaning the speaker grille of your phone, which is prone to collecting dust and debris. Experts of cell phone repair stores in Nassau, Bahamas, explain that simply rip off a small piece of the speaker grille, wrap it around your finger, and wipe it clean.

Blu-Tack or adhesive tape

Blu Tack, or any generic adhesive putty, can also be used to remove dust from a mobile device’s speaker grille successfully. Sticky tape cannot be moulded into the correct shape to remove grime inside the speaker grille, whereas adhesive putty can.

Cotton swabs

You can use cotton swabs in place of the sponges commonly included in a professional cleaning kit to dust and wipe down surfaces.


According to the cell phone repair centre, The tiny bristles of an interdental brush can reach crevices and other areas that a conventional cleaning cloth would struggle to reach.

Compressed air

The speaker grille on your phone is an example of a delicate component that you can clean safely with compressed air. Cleaning tools that you could include in a given set of tools include a pressurized air can and a squeezable rubber air duster. Simply point the nozzle at the grille of your speakers and spray away the dust.

Pumping air through this useful attachment removes dust from crevices such as speaker grilles and camera lenses.

Cleaning by a professional Sponge comes in a wide range of sizes and shapes to ensure that even the most inaccessible areas of your phone are spotless. If you don’t mind spending the money, sponge cleaners prefer cotton swabs because they don’t leave any lint or static electricity behind.

Cleaning Sponges

Cleaning brushes, like cleaning sponges, serve as the commercial equivalent of a toothbrush or interdental cleaner. They’re made tough without being too brittle and come in various sizes to fit your phone’s many awkward crevices.

Cleaning Compound

Finally, get some cleaning putty if you want to use Blu Tack professionally. Cleaning putty is designed to be moldable and sticky without clogging your work. It’s washable and useful for various tasks, including cleaning the keyboard of your MacBook or any other laptop.


According to phone repair experts, even if you haven’t noticed a difference in sound quality, you should clean your phone’s speaker once a week. This prevents dirt from accumulating in layers because dust and grime can build up inside your device and cause problems over time. Contact us for more assistance regarding phone repair and maintenance.

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