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Tips for keeping your iPhones fast

Does your iPhone operate slowly? Try these suggestions to speed up your iPhone before you run out and buy a new one.

Things to Know

Replacing a slow-running iPhone with a new one is not the only option. You can convert your slow-running iPhone into a fast one.

By minimizing pointless background operations, your iPhone can frequently be much faster.

After some time, you can find that your older iPhone is running slowly, but with these tricks, you can speed up even an iPhone 8 or iPhone X. You should bookmark this blog and keep it nearby whenever your iPhone lags.

Try these six little-known techniques to speed up your iPhone the next time you need to.

1. Quit all unused applications

This tip is the most used and best suggestion for speeding up your phone. I advise everyone to shut down apps because it drains their iPhone’s energy. Because whether they refresh or not, those background apps use up memory on the iPhone. The best approach is to close any unused apps while leaving the ones used openly throughout the day to conserve memory and energy. Always quit the games or a social media app once done with them. It saves up your iPhone’s battery.

2. Utilize the iPhone Restart Trick to Speed Up Your Slow Phone

Restarting your iPhone is an effective and precise technique to clean the RAM. As mentioned in the tip above, shut down all unneeded apps before attempting this advice because if you leave apps open, your iPhone will restart them when it reboots, using up a lot of memory.

3. Increase iPhone performance by deleting Safari cookies and data

It’s important to remember that by enabling this, Safari will stop suggesting URLs as you type unless bookmarked. Even though certain websites may forget your preferences and require you to enter your online accounts again, it’s typically a good idea to periodically erase your cookies and data.

4. Disable automatic downloads and background app refresh

This tip can increase battery life and speed up phone performance. Turning off both features reduces the amount of background activity that might be causing your device to lag because they operate in the background.

5. Remove unnecessary music, pictures, apps, and image-heavy messages

It is another tip for accelerating the performance of your iPhone. Open the Messages app and remove any messages you don’t want to keep. Especially delete those that contain a lot of photos, gifs, or videos because they consume the most storage and memory.

6. Allow Motion Reduction

It is the last and the most important tip for improving your iPhone’s speed. Animations on the iPhone are excellent at smoothly switching between apps. However, these animations use battery life and might make the iPhone lag. To save your iPhone’s battery, enable Reduce Motion in Settings.

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