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Apple Admits flaws in iPhone 14 Pro & Pro Max!

Buying a new gadget is always a dream for many. Considering the iPhone claims to have more than 23% of the global smartphone market share means having a huge fan following around the world. Since 2014, iPhone has had almost 190 million annual shipments selling to more than 1 billion consumers.

With high success comes great responsibility. This means whenever Apple makes a small mistake with the iPhone, it will be noticed and criticized by everyone around the globe.

For example, in the last few months, many customers complained about the horizontal lines screen issues of the iPhone 14 Pro & Pro Max. But after many weeks, Apple’s internal communication had accepted this issue, according to Macrumors.

Macrumors had stated that an internal memo from Apple confirms this horizontal line glitch in iPhone 14 Pro & Pro Max. A quote from the memo states, “Report that when they power on or unlock their phone, they briefly see horizontal lines flash across the screen”.

The memo also states, “Apple is aware of the issue, and a software update is coming soon that will resolve the issue,”

Reportedly, iOS 16.3 is undergoing testing and will be available soon. This iOS update hopefully will resolve this issue.

But this is not the first time the new iPhones have had some issues. Here are a few examples from the past:

1. iPhone’s Ancestor (2005)

Do you recall the original Apple smartphone? Not the iPhone, the ROKR E1 was created in partnership with Motorola to be a phone that could run iTunes.

The background follows: Steve Jobs started to fear in the 2000s that a cell phone with a music player might threaten the dominance of the iPod, the Apple best-selling device. Apple and Motorola signed a contract to develop a companion phone called the RAZR with an integrated iPod.

Because Motorola handled the design, the resulting phone had an arbitrary 100-song restriction, looked cheap, and had a lousy user interface and camera (despite being able to store more). Steve Jobs, a maestro of persuasion, became embarrassed when he displayed it at an Apple event.

The solution was obvious to Steve Jobs. He has to design and produce its phone, with the extra benefit of having now closely collaborated with a handset manufacturer.

2. 2007 Fiasco

Apple is one of the most expensive tech-producing companies. So, you will be surprised if you hear that Apple is giving a $200 discount on a new iPhone model just two weeks after the release.

Yes, it happened in 2007, just after the two months when the original iPhone went on sale, and its retail price reduced significantly. What Apple believed would be a PR strategy brought criticism from a wide range of tech experts, including analysts who said it demonstrated difficulty in achieving volume sales.

How Apple handled it: Following the hundreds of angry emails from current iPhone customers, Apple offered $100 in store credit to everyone who paid the amount for the device. Since then, Apple has been cautious about sales.

3. Antennagate (2010)

Pre-orders and first-weekend sales for the iPhone 4 broke previous highs. A few users then discovered that the phone was dropping calls in a way none of its forerunners had ever done. It frequently occurred when the iPhone was in the left hand, and the palm of the user covered the little antenna gap.

The problem stemmed from Jony Ive’s choice of removing the iPhone’s former plastic antenna band for aesthetic purposes. This issue made it to the highlights of many tech and other publications. Out of many respected publications, Consumer Reports even declared that iPhone 4 is not recommendable for users.

How Apple handled it: Steve Jobs had to travel home early from a family vacation in Hawaii to hold a press conference because the story received so much attention. Jobs remained by the phone, but to his credit, he was open about the error. Customers in need received complimentary cases and bumpers.


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